Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The longest update ever

Okay so I haven’t really posted in a while. My bad. Whoops. But this is what has happened to me in bullet form. This is the Spark Notes version.

  • ·         Got sick right when my midterm break started
  • ·         But not before Les Mis which was awesome!
  • ·         Saw Skyfall and cried over the awesomeness
  • ·         Went to Stratford-Upon-Avon during this break while being sick
  • ·         Basically stayed in bed for the rest of break
  • ·         Started NaNoWriMo which is National Novel Writing Month
  • ·         Visited Brighton and loved it
  • ·         Went to the red carpet of Nativity 2 to try to meet David Tennant
  • ·         That didn’t happen because of this obnoxious lady seriously so much hate towards that lady
  • ·         Saw Billy Elliot the Musical and loved every minute of it
  • ·         Maybe because Killian Donnelly was in it and he had to dance
  • ·         Also he was pantsless in a scene and the Les Mis fangirl in me cried
  • ·         Saw The Silver Linings Playbook on Thanksgiving
  • ·         Saw Dominic Monaghan walking down High Street Kensington that day I was walking to the cinema to see the movie
  • ·         BUT HE WAS ON THE PHONE
  • ·         WHY DOM WHY?
  • ·         Went to the Tower of London
  • ·         Then explored Covent Garden the same day
  • ·         Found various West End theaters and cried over them
  • ·         Met my friend Weasley from the Internet in London
  • ·         Visited my friend Ann in Wales where she is currently studying for the year

So I guess I can say I’ve done a lot. I also have a lot of pictures of Brighton and Stratford that I have yet to even upload on facebook. I think I will be doing a post about Stratford after I come home when I have the time to look through pictures. I can talk about Brighton right now though.

Also this is the more in depth version.


Brighton is amazing. The beach is great but very rocky. The day I went, the waves were pretty big. The city also has a lot of little narrow streets and I felt like I was in Diagon Alley sometimes. It’s sort of this picture perfect English town on the coast but with a seedy past.  Way back in the day, the area was crawling with pirates. Underground the city is a series tunnels leading out of the city. However the area ended up suffering from a major storm making the area where the pirates had their area destroyed. They rebuilt it, but the city was starting to change all thanks to this guy called the Prince Regent.

The Prince Regent was the son of George III also known as Mad King George. Yes, this is the George that we decided to ride ourselves of. I mean, we tried to reason with him but he didn’t listen. Your loss buddy. I can’t hear you over our bald eagles. The Prince Regent was the Prince William of 18th century England. He revitalized the town by his presence. Suddenly, everyone wanted to go to the place where the party prince visited. They also went for their health since the sea air was “good for you.”

The Prince Regent also fell in love with Maria Fitzherbet who was so below his social class he shouldn’t have even loved her. She was also a widow and a Catholic. Yikes. They married in a secret ceremony that was technically illegal and they met often at the Royal Pavilion. However, the government was not okay with this. So they offered the Prince a deal: Dump her forever and you can be the prince regent because your father is kind of crazy and we can’t have our great empire ruled but a crazy man. But you have to marry who we say and just produce an heir. That’s all. And like any man wanting to be king faster, he did what he was told, got married to a woman he didn’t love (Caroline of Brunswick), and produced a daughter who was the Princess Diana of her day, Princess Charlotte.

However, tragedy struck when she died. The Prince Regent loved his daughter a lot. But now he had no legitimate heir so when he became king it would pass along to one of his brothers, William, who in return had no legitimate children at all. Only one brother had a legitimate child even though he died early on. That child ended up becoming the longest running monarch in history.

After sometime the Prince Regent got FAT. This right here created a problem for him. He didn’t want anyone to see him at all. His carriages were designed so you could only see his head because he was so big. Soon he stopped coming to Brighton all together and the royal family slowly ended their presence.

When the railway began to expand, the train to Brighton made it a popular resort city. Today it has the biggest population of the LBGTQ community in England and Europe (I believe). Pretty cool place, right?

Trying to meet David Tennant

My friends and I decided to go to the premiere for Nativity 2, the new David Tennant film. While we didn’t get to meet him, it was really cool.

Billy Elliot the Musical

This musical is so amazing. Gah. Just perfect. It is so wonderfully English. I mean, they have an entire musical number making fun of Margaret Thatcher. How perfect is that!? Also, our Billy was fantastic! It is also a very moving and emotional show. My ticket was in the stalls. I cried tears of joy. Also, the tube is located under it so it gave this cool effect.

The Tower of London

So it’s old but really cool. I really enjoyed the Crown Jewels display. They revamped it for the Diamond Jubilee. I found it so awesome seeing so much history of England in one area. That’s one of the reasons why I came here.

Covent Garden

This area became my favorite place in London instantly. One of the reasons was the Christmas lights. I literally walked outside of the tube station, turned to the right, and saw the lights dangling down. If there is one thing London knows how to do, it’s Christmas. The first day I went there was a Friday. I saw a lot of street performers. One performer was doing a show outside of St. Pauls. Yes, the St. Pauls. The one of My Fair Lady and Mary Poppins fame.

I also went to the Apple Store. Four levels of awesome. I cried. I wandered around the area for a bit before deciding to walk into the Royal Opera House. I couldn’t go in it but I was able to go in the gift shop. I took a lot of pictures of the building before seeing the theatre for The Lion King.

I decided to walk down the street. That is when I hit the motherload. Three theatres right in a row. Theatre Royal Durry Lane currently houses Shrek the Musical. Behind it is the theatre that houses The Women in Black. Further down the road on is the Duchess Theatre where Our Boys is being housed. I’m seeing it very soon. Across the street from that is where Mamma Mia is.

I took pictures, naturally, and ended up on The Strand. I decided to walk down it, took pictures of the theatre where The Lion King is at. I then decided to catch a bus home. But not before taking pictures of the theatres housing Uncle Vayna and The Bodyguard. I know where my priorities lie.

Seeing Friends

I met Weasley the day before I went to Wales. We only had a few hours together but we basically wandered most of West End and surrounding places. After we ate dinner, we went to the coach stop that would take her home and said our goodbyes.

The next day I took a 7 hour journey by coach from London to Aberystwyth in Wales to visit my friend Ann who is spending the year abroad. On Friday she showed me the university and parts of the town. On Saturday we went up half of Constitution Hill and walked along the Promenade to the ruins of the castle. Then we wandered around town for a bit before going back. The area is VERY hilly and it took me a while to get used to it. Then on Sunday morning I woke up early to catch my coach home.

London in December is wonderful somehow. Everywhere I look there is something Christmas related. The lights in Covent Garden, Seven Dials, and on Oxford Street are just beautiful.

I have a lot planned for the next few weeks before I leave. Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the premiere for Les Miserables. I am spending all day there in hopes of meeting some of my favorite actors ever. The next day I am waking up early to catch a coach to Oxford where I will be spending the day being a nerd crying over Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Friday I am planning on seeing the Tate Modern finally. Saturday is still up in the air for me. I might go to a Tumblr meetup but I know nothing about it yet. Sunday is my half birthday and I am thinking of seeing Buckingham Palace and going to Regent’s Park and maybe walking around Hyde Park again.

Then next week this is what my life looks like:
  • ·         Our Boys, the play Arthur Darvill is in (still have to buy tickets but I’m going to the Box Office Friday) on that Tuesday
  • ·         Seeing The Hobbit at the BFI IMAX in 3D on Thursday
  • ·         Spending Friday in Cardiff for the Doctor Who Experience

And then the final week looks like this:

  • ·         Warner Brothers Studio Tour that Wednesday
  • ·         Les Mis one last time before I leave on Sunday that Thursday

It’s hard to believe that my time here is almost done. I don’t want to leave at all. But I know I have to leave this lovely place. I am very behind on uploading pictures on Facebook so I am going to go do that now as I watch Made in Chelsea.

Oh. You know how I mentioned I was writing a novel during this month? I finished November 29. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A very long update

So it's been a while. But last week was crazy busy with Mom and Alyssa in town, finals and papers due, and  with me now being on break my body has decided it is a good time to get sick. So let's do this thing.

October 20:

I picked up the family at Heathrow and got them settled into the hotel. Then we went to my place so I could take the suitcase full of my winter stuff. Then we ate at a restaurant down the street from where I live. After that we walked along the South Bank before bringing them back to the hotel so they could sleep.

October 21: 

We went to the Victoria & Albert Museum to check out the new Hollywood Costume Exhibit. The museum is really cool. I also met my friend Sophie from the Internet. That was not planned at all. After the museum we went to a pub and had dinner. I finished eating and left them so I could watch X Factor and Downton.

October 22:

No idea what we did that day but I met them for supper for sure. I think I was working on my midterm paper about Downton Abbey.

October 23:

This day was crazy long for me because I went to BBC Television Centre and cried over all the Doctor Who there. It was an amazing place to visit it. BBC has sold the building and are moving to a new building in central London. There were also members of Team GB there for Children in Need and we saw Ellie Simmonds. Pretty cool.

Look at this sexy thing.

This is a promotional image from Series 5.

This is one of the funniest shows ever by the way.

Look. A Dalek. 

That afternoon I had to go to the Globe for another class. I thought it would be an actual tour. Instead, it was an actor telling us how they did things way back in the day. This is also known as 'THINGS I ALREADY KNOW." I was not impressed at all. Sigh. But I took pictures.

Later that day when I was coming back, I sort of stumbled on the Skyfall premiere. It was happening right down the street from me.

October 24:

I had a very long day of class and it was not good at all. Mom, Alyssa, and I went to Burger King for dinner and then we went to Sainsbury's so I could get groceries. That basically was how that day went.

October 25:

Alyssa and I had lunch at Pizza Hut because they have a lunch buffet. I also worked on my final paper for one of my classes. 

October 26:

I had two finals that day and that marked the end of most of my semester. In the afternoon we went to the British Museum. Then I was forced to go inside Harrods. The "plan:" was to eat inside of Harrods but I convinced them not to because Harrods is really expensive. We then decided to eat at Gourmet Burger Kitchen which literally has the best burgers ever. Then we went to the hotel so I could take a few more things. After that we went to Costa Coffee, the place my mom fell in love with because she missed Copper Rock. Then, Mom and Alyssa walked me to the tube station where we said our good byes. And then Mom became an emotional mess. (Whoops. Sorry not sorry for writing that tidbit.) Then I went home to a quiet flat and it was beautiful.

October 27:

Les Mis day. That night I went to Les Mis with Ann and Grace and it was amazing. All I can say is this. Jonny Purchase is going to go far. He was Marius that night and the understudy and his voice is INCREDIBLE. Our seats weren't the best and I know I'm seeing it again. But it was so good and worth finally seeing it after 11 years of waiting. 

Listen and cry with me.

October 28:

Spent the day inside and got ready for Windsor....which didn't happen.


The plan was to spend the day in Windsor. However when I woke up at 6 am to start getting ready, my body was all "Lol no. You're sick." So I decided to spend the money I had for Windsor on Skyfall and books.

Skyfall was AMAZING. If you are a James Bond fan, you will love this movie so much. However before the movie started, the new Les Mis trailer was on and I stopped breathing. THE MOVIE IS GOING TO BE INCREDIBLE. THERE IS NO NEED TO WORRY AT ALL.

Today I slept for most of the day so I could feel better. I do feel better. Tomorrow I am going to Stratford for the day. My train leaves after 9 am here and I get in after 11. I then have until 7 in the town. However most things close between 5 and 6. It should be fine though.

I have no idea when I will go to Windsor. I might go later in November. I have a list of places I want to go. Being sick during my midterm break was not part of the plan but in order to enjoy my time here, I need to get better. I also have 6 day weekends now so I have more time to travel and see places.

So that's it for me. Now I'm going to make pizza and watch some soaps.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

1.4 miles and maybe a 1.5 miles later?

Doctor Who was filming in London. Immediately after seeing this online early Tuesday afternoon, I rushed to Twitter to find out where they were filming. They filmed a scene down by the South Bank. However by the time I found out about this, the crew, Matt Smith, and Jenna-Louise Coleman were at their new destination. I saw that they were maybe filming on Tottenham Court Road. I decided to go see for myself.

First of all, they were not there at all. Secondly, I walked the whole road. Thirdly, I ended up walking to Camden. As I searched for signs of my beautiful blue box, I noticed actually signs for Euston. Okay then Briana. I continued walking and walking and walking. I also passed someone who looked exactly like Matthew Lewis. If it was Matthew Lewis, WHY DID I NOT STOP HIM FOR HIS AUTOGRAPH?

As I walked, I noticed that I was in Camden. I went from Zone 1 to Zone 2. Oh boy. The nearest tube station was Mornington Crescent. I walked to it and then decided as the train was leaving the station that I wanted to go to the South Bank.

This is how far I walked everyone. 1.4 miles. I am crazy.

I got to the Westminster Tube Station and went to the bridge. Then, I walked through the mass of people and got to the South Bank walkway right by the Thames. As I walked I took in what I saw and I realized that this city might be massive but everything about it has a sense of character. I decided to walk virtually all of it. Walking along the Queen's Walk, I felt like I was in Paris again walking along the Seine. 

When I got to the end, I decided that it was a good idea to head home. I went up a few stars and then realized that I was now in Southwark. How did I know? On one of the city maps it mentioned Shakespeare's Globe (I'm seeing it Tuesday. Insert screams here.) I walked to the station, got on the Jubilee Line, and then made my way to Green Park so I could switch to the Piccadilly line for my return home.

I have no idea what the distance is with this part at all. But it looks like a lot. 

My mom and sister arrive this Saturday for a week. I'm already planning on where to take them. I think the first day will be Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park to help them get accustomed to London. Maybe if they are up for it we will go to the South Bank and walk along there. Who knows really?

My week break is coming up. While the vast majority of people are going to Europe (a.k.a. 99.9% of the people in this program), I am staying in London so I can do four pr five day trips. Here is what the schedule looks like.
  • Monday: Windsor 
  • Tuesday: The land of the Bard (we should all know what this place is called and yes I will most likely be sobbing and spending a fortune going to every place imaginable for reasons. Also so I can tell people back at North how it is in the Holy Land of Shakespeare. And by people I mean you Parker.)
  • Wednesday: Dover (and the reason is this: I want to wave to France on the White Cliffs of Dover.)
  • Thursday: York (HISTORY NERD DAY YEAH!)
  • Friday: Manchester, Bristol, or Liverpool (I really don't know yet.)
I have to book train tickets soon and look at what I want to do for each place but it's exciting. 

This is my favorite picture from my walk on the South Bank. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

On meeting a legend and your favorite actor

Today, since it is still Friday as I am writing this, I went to the final night of the Josephine Hart Poetry Week and it was incredible. Also, a portion of this will totally make you jealous Ron Parker. I know you read this.

I got to the theatre around 7:15, picked up my ticket, and slowly processed that I was seeing Eddie on stage soon. While I was waiting I saw a man who looked like Simon Curtis, Elizabeth McGovern's husband and director of My Week with Marilyn (which is an amazing movie and you should do yourself a favor and WATCH IT RIGHT NOW). Turns out he was. Anyway, once the house was opened, I took my seat and let it settle that right in front of me would be Eddie.

The reading itself was amazing. Elizabeth is just....perfect. My love for her grew as she read words. Felicity is so gorgeous in person and so elegant. Derek Jacobi (because you have to use both names) reading poetry is something I  never thought I would see. But Eddie. Here we go. He read "Oh Captain, My Captain" and I literally died inside. In fact, everything he read was just lovely and perfect. Also, he read from "The Wasteland" and all I can say is this: wow.

After the show ended, I decided to wait around to try to meet Eddie. There were so many people there it was ridiculous. I was just standing when all of a sudden there was this huge commotion and I knew it was them.

By this time I was internally shaking. 

Also, this picture is Derek Jacobi.

I waited for a bit and then asked him for an autograph and I told him the reading was brilliant. He signed my little notebook and walked away to the next person. I successfully managed to maintain composure meeting Sir Derek Jacobi. If you have no idea who Derek Jacobi is, please educate yourself right now because he is a legend.

Tada! The signature of an acting legend.

I then made my way towards Eddie. It was insane. There were so many younger people around my age and a little older there just for him. Seriously everywhere he turned there was someone wanting a picture or his autograph. As I waited, I saw Simon lead Elizabeth out and a lady thanked her for doing this. This lady also flew in from the States to come to this. The things we do for our favorite artists. 

Then suddenly it was my turn. I asked for a picture. I would rather have a picture with him than a autograph. Autograph trying will be the Les Mis premiere which I will so be camping out for. Braving the cold to see the cast of the most highly anticipated movie musical adaptation of the longest running musical on West End is worth it. Anyway, I'm digressing. I asked for a picture and told him it was brilliant. My camera was being a butt but we are not going to discuss that. I told him I've been a fan since Tess and his response was "Wow. That was a long time ago." I know, Eddie. I know. You are talking to a girl who has been a Christian Bale fan since age 6.  The picture was taken and then he left. I finally met him. I met my favorite actor in the whole world.

A lot of my friends know how much meeting Eddie means to me. This was one of my goals studying here and I actually did. I saw my favorite actor read poetry and got a picture. I seriously can't believe this happened. This and meeting Joe Demspie are the two main things I need to accomplish. Okay. Meeting One Direction is on there and Union J (since I know where their hotel is and it's not that far from me). But I met my favorite actor. 

I think today has been the best day of my study abroad experience. Some people are here to have the easy semester and go out like every night. But I am here to go to shows and meet my favorite actors.

So who is next on the list? Arthur Darvill and Matthew Lewis since they are both in Our Boys. Once I figure out my fall break plans, I will figure out when I am seeing the play. 

Anyway, this night has been incredible and it honestly means the world to me. I can now delete this place holder image because it actually came true.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

One month in

I have been in London for a month and that is hard to believe really. It feels like I just got in a few days ago. So let's recap what I have done over the past month because I have been busy with school and figuring out this city.

  • British Museum 
  • Saw Sweeney Todd
  • Explored Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park
  • Watched Doctor Who on BBC One for the first time ever 
  • Went to Stonehenge and Bath (and will be returning to Bath sometime later this fall for a day trip) while also silently crying over being in the land of my people (Austen fans)
  • Field trips to Parliament, the National Portrait Gallery, the Science Museum  the Docklands Museum  and the Imperial War Museum
  • Took the DLR to get to the Docklands Museum 
  • Walked all of Portobello Road on a Saturday and then went to Baker Street to see the outside of the Sherlock Holmes Museum
  • Joined the choir at school (and it felt great singing again)
  • Found out my former high school's theatre department was awarded the best program in the Midwest for a magazine (YEAH NORTH!)
  • Spent last night out in Covent Gardens and Shoreditch in the freezing rain
That doesn't look like much. But it is in my opinion since I am someone who prefers to stay inside all day and sit on the computer. However, this month has a lot of exciting things going on for me. 

This next week I am going to this Poetry Week thing (properly called Michael Grandage Company presents the Josephine Hart Poetry Week) on Wednesday and Friday. Michael Grandage just recently left being the Artistic Director of The Donmar Warehouse to start his own company and this is one of the first things that they are doing. I'm really exited for Wednesday and Friday due to the actors reading the poetry. 

Wednesday's poetry theme is World War I Poets. The readers are going to be Charles Dance (currently on Game of Thrones), Tom Hollander (Mr. Collins from the 2005 Pride and Prejudice) and Rosamund Pike (Jane Bennet from the 2005 Pride and Prejudice). The host for the night is Richard Eyre. Even though I don't really know that much about World War I poetry, I'm excited to see these actors in person. Okay, I'm excited to see Charles Dance because I want Game of Thrones spoilers. But I am really, really, really excited for Friday.

The poetry theme for Friday is The American Poets. I know American Poetry. The host is Alan Yentob. The readers are the following: Derek Jacobi, Felicity Jones, Elizabeth McGovern, and Eddie Redmayne. I AM SEEING DEREK JACOBI IN PERSON! I get to see one of the most legendary actors ever. Felicity Jones was just recently in the movie Like Crazy but I know her as Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey. Elizabeth McGovern is currently playing Cora, Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey (on a side note: the current series is really good and I am so excited for everyone back in the US to watch it. If PBS is still around because apparently Romney thinks the government puts a lot of money towards PBS when it doesn't. Seriously, how stupid are you? Did you not watch Mr. Rodgers at all?). 

But Eddie. Eddie is my favorite actor in the whole world. And I get to see him in person. Eddie is not really known in the world of acting in the US. He has mostly worked in the West End theatre community. He won an Olivier Award for Best Supporting Actor and the Tony Award  for Best Featured Actor in a Play his role in Red. He most recently was in the movie My Week with Marilyn (directed by Simon Curtis, Elizabeth McGovern's husband) and the BBC adaptation of the book Birdsong. However, soon the world will know him as Marius in the highly anticipated movie adaptation of Les Miserables. In the most recent behind the scenes look into the movie, there is a three second clip of a scene with Eddie singing. I think I died. Actually I did die. I am just really excited for everyone to fall in love with him like I did four years ago when I watched Tess of the d'Urbervilles

I have no idea if there is going to be a stage door for this event at all but I really want there to be. I need to meet Eddie. NEED.

More exciting things:
  • my mom and sister are visiting me for a week
  • I have my midterm break soon
  • I get to meet my friend from online in the end of the month
  • my friend from school who is studying in Wales for the year is coming to London the same weekend my other friend is
  • I am hopefully going to see Our Boys, the play Arthur Darvill is in
  • hopefully seeing Les Mis finally (I am deliberately putting it off)
I have no idea what I am going to be doing for my midterm break. Everyone is going to the mainland but I'm not. I don't really have the money for that at all. But knowing me I will figure out what I want to do. Before I leave, I do want to spend a good portion of my time in Scotland. 

So that's all from me for now. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thoughts from Places: Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

Note: this is basically a week late. Sorry. I got sick and then this week was a long one. However, this entry is basically going to be a written "Thoughts from Places" video. If you don't know what "Thoughts from Places" is just know that it was initially started by John and Hank Green and are video blogs about various places. 

You would think that a very lush, green and beautiful park in a busy section of London would have noise. It doesn't. Well, that is a lie. There are a few places where you can hear noise from the city streets but that is it. If you go into the park, it is quiet and serene. For a moment, you forget that you are even in a city. All of a sudden you are surrounded by controlled nature and it is just beautiful.

I walked into Kensington Gardens last Thursday afternoon with the mission to find the Peter Pan statue. As I walked up the long path, I looked around and took in the surroundings. There are many pathways in the Gardens that lead to all over. On my left, I came to Kensington Palace, the childhood of Queen Victoria.  Victoria had a rough childhood in Kensington Palace. It was very strict and she was a lonely girl. There is a statue outside of the palace of her.

I left Victoria in her place and continued on my journey to find the boy who never grew up. I knew I had to turn right at one point so I turned to go towards the Round Pond. 

This picture shows me two things. The first thing is the nature and how peaceful it is in the area. The second thing would have to be the cranes in the distance. Even though I was in this controlled environment, there was still a city outside.

I continued on with my exploration of the park and finding Peter Pan.

I kept walking straight and ended up at the Italian Garden. 

The garden is basically a lot of fountains and places to site. Nevertheless, it was gorgeous. 

This picture right here is of the Long Water. The Long Water is one part of the Serpentine, the lake in Hyde Park. 

As I walked along the Long Water, there was a sign pointing towards the Diana Memorial. I knew that Peter was close. I continued walking and went under this shady portion of a trail due to a tree and looked to my right.

I found him. I found the statue of the boy who never grew up. My mission was over. 

However, I decided to continue on the path and explore the park. I went to the Diana Memorial and looked at how it was laid out. After 30 minutes of walking around the park and taking in the sights, I decided to leave and head back home. I ended up exiting the park at a very far location from where I lived. But I knew that I needed to find the way to Royal Albert Hall and then I would almost be home.

I think all I can say about Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens is this: how can such a beautiful place be located in such a busy city?

Monday, September 24, 2012

A formal apology

So I have been meaning to post about the last week since it was actually really cool...the end of it. Well, somehow Mother Nature decided that I should get sick. I still am sick actually. I'm almost better. I say almost hesitantly because some parts of my body feel awful. I have a paper that requires newspapers due tomorrow but luckily they are all online. I also have become best friends with now my second box of Kleenex and orange juice.

However, this is what is going to happen. I am going to blog about my Thursday and Saturday and have both of those posts on a scheduled update. These posts will be posted on Tuesday and Wednesday. I also have to upload more pictures onto Facebook today as well and organize my picture folders since I have so many already and they are clogging up my computer. My post about Thursday is about Hyde Park and I might add stuff about my Friday since I had field trips. Saturday is about the day trip I took to Stonehenge and Bath.

So that is what you can expect. I will try to blog more regularly but being sick has hindered that slightly. At least I am sick now and not during the end of the semester.